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What We Do
Who We Serve
Immediate Family Members of Homicide Victims
Victims and Witnesses of Violent Crimes
About us

Peoria Community Against Violence, also known as PCAV, has been serving the city of Peoria since

2014, initially established as part of the Don't Shoot Initiative.  For the first time since its inception, PCAV was able to hire paid employees in 2021. Since that time, we have focused on building credibilitywithin the community we serve by providing consistent support and services. Our target population iscommunity members directly affected by gun violence and other violent acts. This includes victims immediate family members, witnesses, and community members in areas that are ravaged by gun violence.

We have a nationally certified crisis response team that is called out by Peoria Police Department on

homicides. Our team is specially trained to mitigate trauma, provide emotional support, and education

on individual traumatic responses. We also work with Peoria Police Department (PPD) by providing

case management services to recent victims of gun violence or move people out of the area quickly for

their safety. We attend canvases where homicides occur with PPD and Greater Peoria Area

Crimestoppers so that we can provide resources to communities recently affected by gun violence.


t PCAV, we provide on average, seven services per family as we address ALL of the social

determinants correlated with gun violence. These factors include but are not limited to: poverty,

housing instability, educational disparities, access to mental health services, and basic needs. We

would not be able to provide the comprehensive services that we do, without our dynamic community

partners. These organizations often fast track our clients based on severity of their situation, as the

majority of our clients are in crisis when we meet them.


Empirical studies show that increasing upward mobility for a family by just 25%, significantly reduces

gun violence.

Latest News 

PCAV 2021-2022 Annual Report Available for Download

August 2022


WWEEK, WMBD and WTVP came together Thursday evening for a ‘United for Peace’ special in Peoria.

January 2023


PCAV Community Outreach Director Kenneth Godbolt joins the conversation to discuss his involvement with youth in our community and how PCAV serves youth in our community who are affected by gun violence.


CEO Becky Rossman and CRT Member Lisa Snow became certified NOVA instructors in January 2023.


Our Crisis Response Team is certified in providing individual and group crisis interventions following traumatic events. At PCAV, we understand the traumatic effects of gun violence on our community and wanted to build capacity by training more community members to serve along

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