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What We Do
Who We Serve
Immediate Family Members of Homicide Victims
Victims and Witnesses of Violent Crimes
About us

Peoria Community Against Violence, also known as PCAV, has been serving the city of Peoria since 2014, initially established as part of the Don't Shoot Initiative.  For the first time since its inception, PCAV was able to hire paid employees in 2021 with a third employee being added in late January 2022.  This allowed us to extend our services to provide comprehensive, crisis case management services.  All services are free of charge.

Our primary target populations are victims, witnesses, and immediate family members affected by gun violence in Peoria.  Due to the prevalence of gun violence in our community, we have only been able to reach 33% of the families from 2021. 

Latest News 

PCAV 2022 Annual Report Available for Download

August 2022


WTVP's At Issue with H:

Curbing Violence in Central Illinois 

June 2021


PCAV staff, Keith McDaniel and Becky Rossman join Big Brothers Big Sisters and Stepping Forward Together on WTVP's At Issue with H.


Crisis Response Team Nationally Certified

May 2021


NOVA instructors came to Peoria to train PCAV staff and volunteers and OSF Strive staff on crisis response. A Nova Crisis Response Team is a group of individuals specifically trained to provide trauma mitigation, education, and emotional first aid in the aftermath of a critical incident, with small scale or mass casualty.

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